What is a Wellness Coordinator


One of the main factors that sets The Wellness Connection inc. apart from other wellness companies is, an ON-SITE wellness coordinator to ensure the wellness program runs smoothly and effectively by increasing participation, employee morale, company unity, and decreasing stress, not only for the employees but for the CEO, HR Manager, and other decision makers who will no longer have to worry about the day to day task of creating an employee wellness program. 



Our coordinators have at least a bachelors degree in Exercise and Health, Exercise Physiology, Corporate Fitness, Exercise and Wellness Management, Health Promotion, or other related areas. They also have an additional nutrition certification as well as other certifications through American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and/or American College of Exercise. In addition, they are certified in MANY group exercise classes and  CPR/AED and First Aid.



 Generally speaking, a Wellness Coordinator's responsibilities will include:

  • Designing, Planning and Implementing Health Promotion Campaigns: Health promotion campaigns can be individual, team, or company challenges that encourage employees to take up healthier behaviors or ditch unhealthy ones. We do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" wellness program so they design campaigns to fit the needs and interest of the employees at each specific work-site. They then execute the campaign, ensure that it runs smoothly, keep all participating employees informed, and see it through to its completion. They create new campaigns every year to keep things fun and exciting which increases employee engagement. 
  • Planning, Scheduling, and Hosting Wellness Events: Some events might include health fairs, fitness day, sports tournaments, blood drives, lunch & learns, company 5Ks, or participation in community events. Each of these wellness events requires planning, advertising and promotion, gathering volunteers, coordinating set-up and, overseeing the event to ensure that it runs smoothly.
  • Managing the Fitness Center: for companies who have an on-site fitness facility, the coordinator will manage it as well. Responsbilities for managing a fitness facility include: handling memberships (if applicable), overseeing quipment maintenance, and organizing and teaching group exercise classes.
  • Employee Health Education: The health of employees is their primary goal and concern; therefore, they will be available to answer health-related questions, and -- within the scope of their education -- will help employees implement healthy lifestyle habits and develop personal goals, through group classes or one-on-one coaching. If they are unable to personally help employees with their needs, they have resources to direct employees for further assistance. 
  • Tracking & Keeping Records, Statistics, and Program Results: A program’s success is determined by results. Therefore they organize yearly biometric screenings to measure the trending health of employees in order to determine, not only the efficiency of the program, but also areas to focus on. Other pertinent statistics might include tracking overall program participation, campaign/event participation, fitness facility memberships, one-on-one health consults etc. They will also distribute and collect data from an annual employee needs and interest survey
  • COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION: Probably 70% of the job is communication. In order for any campaign, event, or program to be successful the word must get out. They will create flyers, send out emails, create table tents, bulletin boards, information booths, whatever needs to be done to reach as many employees as possible.


Imagine the Possibilities

If you currently have a corporate wellness program but you do not have a coordinator, they are the missing piece to your wellness puzzle. We have decades of experience and are experts in the field of corporate wellness. We are more than qualified to not only create an outstanding and effective program but also a fun, engaging, lifestyle-changing, company culture. 

Imagine how your employees would improve if they had a health and wellness expert onsite and easily accessible for  wellness related questions, concerns, and emotional support to help them reach their goals.

Imagine how robust and effective your employee wellness program would be if you had one person on-site whose  job was dedicated to your program, getting employees engaged and making lasting lifestyle changes.

Imagine the impact on health care costs, company culture, and employee moral. 


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