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Vending machines and companies that keep them stocked have been around for a long time. Recently, more and more corporations are including these options in their workspace as a convenient benefit for their employees. If employees can buy food onsite, they do not have to travel as far or take as long to get a small snack or even an entire lunch. Micromarkets—a small grab-and-go store that is typically set up in a break room—are also becoming increasingly popular.

If you are looking to improve your company’s retention and morale through offering better vending services at your worksite, you may want to consider one of the following 3 local Salt Lake County options. Each of these companies has different but valued aspects to offer. Below is a brief breakdown of each company as well as a rating given for pricing, nutrition and overall service.


Choice Vending Supply

Website:                                                                      Contact Phone # 801-683-8783

Choice vending is a local vending company that has been around for 30 years. Their motto is to be convenient and easy for everyone. They specialize in creating a welcoming break room environment for any company of any size through the creation of micromarkets and pantry services.

Choice Vending has a base set up that they start with. Then the employer can tweak it to offer the food they want offered. They take pride in the fact that they do not require contracts but will simply set up the space and “let the service do the talking.” They figure you will keep them around as long as they do a good job. The employer is not charged for set-up, maintenance or any other fees. Choice Vending earns money strictly on the fees paid by the employee when they purchase the food (or the price paid by the employer to buy the food in the case of a pantry service) with a price comparable to that of a convenient store. A software called 3Square is installed in all their markets to monitor purchases and market activity and recommend what should be kept in stock and what should be removed. Payment options include kiosks and mobile pay making things even more convenient. They offer a variety of healthy food including fruit, veggie trays, hummus, keto friendly, salads, and gluten-free. These food categories are often separated and labeled to make them easy to find.

If you are looking for a great benefit for your employees that will not only provide healthy food options, but also a beautiful break room layout, Choice Vending is a great option to consider.

Service: +++

Pricing: ++          

Nutrition: +++


Advance Vending

Website:                                                              Contact Phone # 801-977-1300

Advance Vending is another option available only in Salt Lake County. They offer vending machines as well as very simple micromarkets. Their biggest strength lies in their pricing. They boast to have the best price “comparable to Walmart.” They also do not charge any fees to the employer for installation of the equipment or for maintenance. They monitor their machines based on credit card readers which tell them when a machine is running low and needs to be restocked. Most of the food they offer includes quick snacks or microwaveable meals such as hot pockets, burritos, and chimichangas. For healthy food options, they offer a few healthy snacks such as nuts or protein bars, as well as their most unique feature—fresh juice machines. These include fresh orange or fresh apple juice made directly from the fruit right in front of the employee’s eyes. When a glass of juice is ordered, the customer can watch the machine take the fruit, slice it, then smash with the delicious juice falling into the serving cup below. This provides not only a delicious treat, but also some great entertainment.

If you are looking for a basic vending option at a great price or you just love fresh squeezed juice, Advance Vending Supply could be a great option for you.

Service: ++

Pricing: +++

Nutrition: +


Break Room Choices

Website:                                                                          Contact Phone # 801-676-6480

Breakroom Choices is another great company that provides service along the Wasatch Front. They take pride in providing exceptional service because “the food is the same at each company. So we provide exceptional service to stand out.” They push for micromarkets because of the welcoming addition they offer to a break room over a basic vending machine; however, they can provide basic machines as well. Similar to Choice Vending, they also use 3Square software to monitor their markets and recommend what foods should be stocked and what foods should be discontinued. Break Room Choices does not charge set-up or maintenance fees to the employer nor do they hold their companies to a contract. To determine their food prices, they typically look at convenient stores in the area and try to offer their products at a slightly lower price than the convenient stores. They offer a variety of healthy food options from “on the way to the gym” grab-n-go snacks such as protein bars, nuts, or fresh vegetables and fruit to small meals such as delis and salads. They also provide a phone app that employees can use to view current availability as well as to pay for their items. This is another example of how they meet their goal of exceptional service.

If you are looking for a vending company to improve the environment of your break room with a large variety of food options while also providing exceptional service, Break Room Choices is a great option to consider.

Service: +++

Pricing: ++

Nutrition: +++

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