Is Your Company's Culture Supporting Your Wellness Program?

Do you have a wellness program in place, full of benefits and incentives, to encourage your employees to be healthy? Do you have a fitness center onsite for convenient workouts? Does your cafeteria offer healthy choice? If so you may feel like your company is doing everything in your power to have […]

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Why You Should Encourage Your Employees to Stretch

Stretching is a crucial component of health and wellness. And while many experts argue that nutrition or exercise are the most important, there are others who place their greatest emphasis on the importance of stretching and keeping your body flexible.

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Guidelines for Healthier Meetings

Are you one of those employees who spends a large portion of your day sitting in long meetings? While there are many studies out there, on average, American’s spend about 50% of their work day in meetings and about 90% of their total day sitting down. There

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