How to Set Up a Lactation Room for your Nursing Employees

On August 4, 2020 /   healthy workplace, Breast Feeding

Did you know that under the new revisions to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) most employers are now required to provide a lactation room for nursing employees? If you are an employer who does not yet have a lactation room in your facility, you might be thinking, “What is a lactation room? And […]

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Is Your Company's Culture Supporting Your Wellness Program?

Do you have a wellness program in place, full of benefits and incentives, to encourage your employees to be healthy? Do you have a fitness center onsite for convenient workouts? Does your cafeteria offer healthy choice? If so you may feel like your company is doing everything in your power to have […]

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Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

On July 17, 2018 /   healthy, healthy tips, healthy workplace

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a dreaded task, but most people associate negative feelings with the idea. Not only do you have to schedule time to get it done, but it becomes a pull and tug game of getting what looks good, what sounds good, and what is actually good for you! Plus, most people […]

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Why Include Mental and Emotional Health in your Wellness Program

On February 9, 2018 /   emotional health, healthy workplace, mental health

Why Include Mental & Emotional Health in Your Wellness Program

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Guidelines for Healthier Meetings

Are you one of those employees who spends a large portion of your day sitting in long meetings? While there are many studies out there, on average, American’s spend about 50% of their work day in meetings and about 90% of their total day sitting down. There

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