How to Help Management Show Their Support

On June 2, 2020 /  

Notice the title of this blog post is not "How to Get Management to Support Your Wellness Program. Years ago I was sitting at a conference and I received the best advice of my career. They said, “If you currently already have a wellness program then management supports it. If they did not support […]

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Stay Healthy During Covid-19

Things are a bit crazy right now, for lack of a better word. Chances are you and your employees are now working from home right now or you are working with a skeleton crew. If you are practicing social distancing or shelter in place or isolation or prison, whatever you want to call it, your mental […]

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Client Testimonial-the Wellness Program helps me stay active

On August 20, 2019 /   team work, connection, physical health, Testimonial

I have always tried to stay active, for that reason the on-site gym has been great.  For me, the ability to stop in and sweat a little during the day, allows me to take my mind to another place and then hit work with renewed focus afterwards. The classes that have been and are being offered, have […]

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Client Testimonial-Wellness Program helped Improve my numbers

Participating in the wellness program has helped me immensely.  In December of 2017, I could barely walk over 20 minutes at one time. My weight had ballooned up to 365 pounds.  I was also having multiple health problems to include being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (this was my bottom) and fatty […]

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Client Testimonial: Fitting Wellness into a busy schedule

I'm so grateful for the wellness program at work. I have a membership at Vasa, but sometimes finding time to work out can be difficult. After getting home from work I either feel exhausted or guilty that I don't get to spend enough time with family. There are always school meetings to attend and […]

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How to plan a Successful Company 5k

On June 4, 2019 /   5k training, health events, physical health

Summer is here and it is a great time to encourage your employees to take their workouts outside. Did you know that exercising outside has been proven to improve mood, decrease depression and enhance self esteem. In a study of those who worked out inside and then took their exercise outside they […]

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Client Testimonial-A wellness program for a new mother

In April we held a "Wellness Success Blog Contest" where our client's employees submitted a blog post about their successes with the Wellness Program provided by the Wellness Connection. Here is one of those submissions:

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How to Reach the Unreachable Employees

With the growing resources for technology, there can still be a communication barrier with some of your employees. Either those hard to reach employees are not responsive to emails, or they just don’t have a desire to participate in a Wellness Program.  How can you fix this issue?

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Is Your Company's Culture Supporting Your Wellness Program?

Do you have a wellness program in place, full of benefits and incentives, to encourage your employees to be healthy? Do you have a fitness center onsite for convenient workouts? Does your cafeteria offer healthy choice? If so you may feel like your company is doing everything in your power to have […]

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Popular and Effective Emotional Health Challenges

Emotional Health is currently a hot topic in the wellness culture. While physical and nutritional health are both very important, they are often the only two aspects of health that are considered and included into wellness programs – leaving a big gap that creates both an unbalanced and a […]

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