Love Yourself Campaign

Would you agree that you are your biggest critic? Why is it we so often build others up, but are quick to turn down a compliment directed at us? Why is it the things we say to ourselves we would never consider saying to others? Research shows that there is a lot more to accepting yourself than meets the eye. Do any of these surprise you?

  1. Building yourself up instead of being hard on yourself will help you make better health decisions now and later on in life. When you see yourself in the future, and love yourself more, you are more inclined to make better choices that will impact the person who means the most to you (hint: that is you).
  2. Loving yourself can make you happier. Practicing self-acceptance and improving your relationship with YOU will give you greater satisfaction through life.
  3. Loving yourself builds motivation and helps you achieve goals. By accepting yourself and who you are, you also believe more in yourself and will find yourself setting and reaching your goals. Think of how healthier America would be if we all started practicing self-love!
  4. Loving yourself improves mental health. According to the New York Times, individuals who practice self-love and compassion are less likely to develop anxiety and depression.

Because a lack of self love often leads to unhealthy mental patterns, emotional instability, and increased stress, we decided to put together a campaign for the month of February that focuses on ways to improve your relationship with yourself. Click on the image below to download and see what our clients are working towards this month and feel free to join us on the path to loving ourselves more!

Love Yourself Campaign


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