How to Keep your Employees Motivated During the Holiday Season

During the holiday season not everyone feels the festive spirit. The holidays can be the busiest season for many businesses, eventually burning out employees. As a manager, you should care about the health and mental well-being of your employees. You need to provide means to help keep your employees happy and motivated, especially during the holiday season. The culture of the business and the relationships that form amongst colleagues can be the way to help keep everyone motivated. Try these simple, yet effective ways to help keep the festive spirit going during a busy time of year:

1. Recognize the efforts of your employees

Increase the frequency or rewards for your employees to help keep them wanting to work hard during the holidays.

2. Pamper your employees

Offer perks, or free swag, gear, or incentives for employees during this season to help increase productivity or working standards. Hire a massage therapist to help employees relax or unwind while at work.

3. Offer end of year evaluations

Giving your employees feedback and expectations throughout the year and monitoring that at the end of the year, can help increase employee motivation. Employees that know they have a “work review” to track progress or other factors to possibly improve wages, time off, or positions, will work harder, especially during this time.

4. Encourage vacations

If your business is the busiest during the holiday season, encourage your employees to take time off work before or after the season to help ease burnout. When you encourage time off, you are letting your employees know you care about their mental health.

5. Consider flexible scheduling during the holidays.

If your business allows, offer the ability to work from home during the holidays. You can do this by an “ask first,” a lottery system, or seniority.

6. Celebrate all of the holidays during the holiday season

Create an environment at work that recognizes all the religious, or cultural belief holidays. You create a sense of belonging to all employees. Everyone can feel safe celebrating their desired holiday at work.

7. Host a holiday party or outing

Have a company meeting to review the past year’s achievements and reward those achievements with a celebration or company outing. You also create bonding between employees to help increase company morale.

Keeping your employees healthy and happy is key during the holiday season. Healthy employees are proven to be more productive and engaged. Creating a stress free environment at work can help balance employees mental well-being during the holiday season.

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