How to Adjust your Wellness Program to Support Social Distancing

IMG_27912Coordinating a Wellness Program during a pandemic has been interesting to say the least. We now have employees working from home and those who are coming into work can no longer gather in groups larger than 10. Say goodbye to all your sports tournaments, corporate games, health fairs, lunch n learns, 5k’s and the list goes on and on. We have however found ways to keep challenging the employees to move and eat healthy while still following the state and corporate guidelines. Here are a few things we have found successful: 

Lunch n Learns: Pre-corona virus the employees use to meet in a large conference for a free lunch and a wellness presentation. Now that food and gatherings are restricted we have taken our lunch n learns virtually. We have a portal everyone can log in to with a link however you can use Zoom, Skype, or any other virtual platform you have and love. The associates can still see the presentation and ask questions and make comments.

Challenges/Campaigns: Before corona we did a good mix of team competitions as well as individual challenges however now we have shifted our challenges to individual with a big push to involve their families. For example: one of the challenges we did was “Look Up” and it challenged the employees to only use their phones for productive purposes and less for entertainment or when bored, we then encouraged them to read “Phone Smarts” by Amanda K. Fronk with their families then create a family phone plan. 

5k: as with all community and company races this year our annual 5k’s have been canceled. We didn’t want the employees to miss out on a chance to stretch themselves and compete with each other so we created a Lazy Man ironman for them to complete for the month of June. 

Group Exercise classes: Our company gyms have been shut down during the pandemic however we still have a need and requests for group exercise classes. A few solutions we made were virtual classes as well as classes outside when weather permits. We format the classes to allow for social distancing, we only do body weight exercises and we only allow less than 10 people in each class.  

Things might be different but it is just as important as ever to invest the time and other resources to make necessary changes to your wellness program so you can continue to keep your employees safe and healthy. If you are looking for ways to modify your Wellness Program contact us and we would be happy to help you come up with effective and safe solutions. 

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On August 11, 2020 /   corporate wellness, employee wellness

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