Client Testimonial-Night Shift Success

My name is Brock and I am a 48-year-old male. At the age of 28 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I did not really know the whys and the wherefores at the time but tried not to let the information get me down and went about my merry way.

Over time I learned what to eat and what not to eat and that exercise could help me in the long run. When you are younger you do not care about these things. If it does not affect you in the immediate future, then everything is business as usual. As time creeps on and your body begins to get older the need to remain physically relevant becomes more of an issue.

When the body is not pushed it begins to devolve and becomes less flexible. Building good habits can help stave off these negative effects.

My previous employment I worked a “desk job” that did not allow for much physical activity. The job was a lot of computer work which therefore allowed for much sitting. This is the opposite of what the body needs from time to time. When I first got my current job it requires a lot more movement so my back would ache and my legs would get tired but I was desperate to stick with it because I needed a good job.

Once spending some time working my body soon got stronger by bending, standing and lifting items every day. This helped to strengthen me and helped me to see that I could do much more with my body. I soon took advantage of the onsite exercise room and the wellness programs.

Working at night generally provides for some unique challenges but the flexibility of the program helped me to chart and achieve goals. Because of the diabetes staying away from “bad” foods and eating more of the “good” ones was foremost on my mind. The wellness program allowed me to chart these challenges and see my success. I also took advantage of physical challenges such as the Indoor Triathlon and Couch to 5k events. Having a goal in mind has allowed me to push myself to be able to improve. It is a great feeling to improve and to know that your resting heart rate has gone from 100 bpm to 60 bpm because of the time that has been spent on the treadmill.

I am not winning any Ironman events in the near future but it is exhilarating to know that putting time and effort into yourself can provide healthy dividends. Doing what you can, to build your body to stay away from heart attacks or strokes, is self-empowering. Going from walking 2 miles to being able to jog 2 miles takes time, effort and dedication and can be done as long as you are willing to do it.

It is not easy, but then again the things in life that we are the proudest of never are easy. I appreciate the wellness program for promoting the need to keep on trying in whatever form or aspect that we can. Whether that be through watching what we eat or by exercising more, these things will help people to feel better about themselves. I know it has done that for me! I will continue to travel this road in an effort to become healthier and to achieve my personal goals to build strength and stamina.

On June 12, 2020 /   Diabetes, Testimonial, Night Shift

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