Client Testimonial-Wellness Program helped Improve my numbers

Participating in the wellness program has helped me immensely.  In December of 2017, I could barely walk over 20 minutes at one time. My weight had ballooned up to 365 pounds.  I was also having multiple health problems to include being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (this was my bottom) and fatty liver disease.  I started to have tingling in my fingers and toes.  I was seeing symptoms of heart disease, too.  Being a former football, basketball, and baseball player, I had a hard time with this.  This was embarrassing.  I can’t describe the shame that I felt. I started participating in the wellness program because it fit my schedule and personality. It was something I could do on my own since I traveled quite a lot.  In 2018, I averaged 293 minutes a week of exercise.  I walked/hiked 274.5 miles and biked just under 2,100 miles in 11 months (an unfortunate surgery kept me out of December).  I also learned how to eat better through some of the activities that were presented.  When I traveled, I would try to walk with other people that were also doing the Wellness Program.  We tracked each other’s progress during that time and also even when the challenge was over.  Through that, I was able to lose 92 pounds (so far) and have been at my lowest weight in over 23 yearsMy diabetes was reversed in just a few short months and no longer have the effects of the fatty liver I don’t have any of the tingling in my fingers and toes.  The swelling in my legs and ankles is completely gone.  I was able to get my wife to participate in some of the activities, too.  As a family, we are much healthier and continue to keep exercising and eating better.  I can now go for a bike ride or a hike to enjoy them instead of taking days to recover from a simple activity.  Programs like those at my company can certainly aid in changing your lifestyle.  I am even looking at participating in future races and group activities  to help me continue to lose weight and become even healthier. I encourage anyone who is a bit nervous about changing your lifestyle to try out our wellness programs.  The only downside to all of this is that I had to donate my entire wardrobe and buy all new jackets, pants, suits, shirts and more. 


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