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Health care costs too high?

When Wellness programs are done right they can save companies $1400 on medical claims per participant. The Wellness Connection knows how to do wellness right with a well-designed year-long strategy, an effective communication plan, incentives to drive engagement, and an onsite wellness coordinator to facilitate it all.

Having trouble with recruiting and retention?

The top reason people leave their jobs is because they don't feel appreciated. What better way to show your employees you care about them then by providing a wellness program to help them improve their health, happiness and quality of life.

Could your employee morale use a boost?

The Wellness Connection can improve your employees’ moral by improving employee camaraderie, creating an enjoyable workplace, and showing your employees you care.

Need to improve employee productivity?

Healthy employees are productive employees. Our wellness program can improve your employees physical, emotional, and social health which will directly improve their productivity.

Is your absenteeism too high?

Some of the main reasons employees miss work are depression, disengagement, stress, illness, and feeling unappreciated. Our wellness program ca have a direct effect on each of these resulting in lower absenteeism.

Are workers comp claims too high?

Many workers comp claims can be prevented. They are usually caused by overexertion or stress. Our wellness programs help to increase the physical and mental health of each individual which in turn could be lower workers comp claims.


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Client Testimonials

The Wellness Connection is absolutely the best benefit my company has to offer. —Brett

One of the advantages of having the Wellness Connection coordinators at the worksite is the consistency and comprehensive program they offer. They not only provide the health education, but then they offer the on-site exercise or the one-on-one nutrition counseling to help individuals make change. Relationships, example and motivation are all part of helping people change and we have seen that happen. —LaDonne L.

“The Wellness Connection offers around the clock onsite gym and fitness classes – allowing me to stay fit and sane regardless of my busy schedule. Staying active keeps me stress free and gives me more energy!” —SAM

“I have lost 60 lbs over the last 4 years by participating in our wellness program. I have more energy, and can do things I never thought I could. I have overall better health. I’ve also made a lot of friends, through the wellness program, that aren’t in my department. This has helped me network with other areas of the business and has actually opened up opportunities for advancing my career! —CC

The combination of exercise and eating healthy has lowered my total cholesterol and raised my good cholesterol to keep me from having to take medication. And best of all, it helps me feel strong enough for anything I face in life, whether that’s doing a Spartan race or just loosening really tight lug nuts on a tire in a hot parking lot. “ -JAMES

“In an increasingly unhealthy, sedentary work environment I feel it is important to take advantage of the fantastic resources The Wellness Connection has to offer. The qualities of vigor and energy provided by physical fitness and healthy living allow employees to work at their peak. The time and energy invested in fitness and wellness in the workplace is easily compensated for and profitable by the productive and creative results of those who are physically and mentally engaged in their work” -ANDREW

“The health programs at work help me set realistic and challenging fitness goals to get me back in shape. Over the last year, I have significantly improved my diet, cut down on soft drinks and lost over 10 pounds-and kept it off! “ -ERIC

This program is amazing and it’s made me a much more healthy person. —Steve O.

As I have participated in our onsite wellness program I feel better about myself. I enjoy being active and participating with others. It is a great program to have and for me has made my life a healthier and happier one.” —Craig

"Having a great wellness coordinator on site helps to motivate me and tailor programs to my needs. I get more out of my workouts because the wellness coordinator knows the proper form and techniques I should be doing. My friends are jealous when I tell them about our wellness program, on-site gym, and on-site coordinator." —Jared P.